What Are Your 5 Cores?

Ultimately, I’ve learned that while life is complex, principles are not. Everyone has just five main core areas of their life they need to nurture and take ACTION in on a regular basis to be the best version of themselves.


These are:

1) Mindset

2) Career & Finance

3) Relationships

4) Physical Health

5) Emotional Health & Giving Back

We've all developed habits in each of these cores, and unfortunately most of us have developed what I call "failure habits" in each. The idea is to unlatch those stubborn habits and replace them with "success habits."


Are your ready to gain some serious momentum on your way to firing on all cylinders in all five cores?


Let's goooooo!!!!


Moore Momentum - Mindset Gear

Getting your mind working FOR instead of against you by adjusting your attitude, perception, and confidence. Becoming what I call a “growth-owner” where you know you have everything in you to accomplish your goals and obstacles are temporary roadblocks waiting for solutions.

Moore Momentum - Career and Finances Gear

Doing what you love and are great at, executing your purpose, and exponentially growing your wealth along the way.

Moore Momentum - Relationship Gear

Creating and maintaining deep, fulfilled relationships and gaining allies to help you achieve your goals.

Moore Momentum - Physical Health Gear

Taking care of your physical body to ensure looking good, feeling good, and gaining the energy and stamina to propel your through life.

Moore Momentum - Emotional and Giving Back

Taking care of your mind to ensure you’re getting the most out of every day, and leaving a legacy that ensures the world is better, not worse, for having you in it.

How They Work Together To Form Who You Become

The more you improve one core, the more likely you’ll be to improve the others. And the more you’re able to find balance and gain momentum in ALL of them, the more you’ll increase your happiness meter

Let's figure out WHO you are, WHAT you want, and HOW to get! it. Take the quiz to find out where you stand.


Take The Core Life Evaluator Quiz and see where you stand today!




So how do we live a #5CoreLife? How do we learn to utilize our 5 Cores to fire on all cylinders on our way to becoming an unstoppable force?


Your cores must all be tackled individually, yet work together like cogs of a well-oiled-machine to add up to your total happiness. At the end of the day, it’s about learning to STOP whatever failure habits you’ve developed in each and replace them with success habits. This requires more than just will-power, but an effective system it’s taken me a lifetime to develop.


We all have a system, but must of us have a system that is hurting vs helping us every day (causing friction and negative momentum). My system reduces the friction to becoming our happiest selves in three major ways. It helps you figure out 1) Who you are, 2) What You Want, and 3) How To Get it. 


To figure out who you are will require you to shine a big ol’ spotlight in each of your five cores to determine where you currently stand.


To determine what you want will require you to understand why you’re taking the actions you are,  what actions you could replace those with, and what your life will look like when you do.


And finally, to figure out how to get it, you’ll need a proven system that allows you to hold yourself accountable on a daily basis and actually get addicted to the process of leveling up your life. 

Both can be used exclusively, but are symbiotic in that when used in conjunction with one another will allow the user to exponentially build their momentum. For more info on the book, click HERE, for more info on the app, click HERE.

Flying up Into The Bright, Bold, Beautiful Sky


My mission is to help you become the best version of YOURself which will in turn cause you to pay it forward to help the world become the best version of ITself.  I call this the Momentum Movement.


The idea of the movement is to take advantage, vs being taken advantage of, what I call THE EQUATION OF LIFE: Your belief system + your repeated actions, plus time = who you will become. 


Learn how success and failure habits shape your 5 cores and how it affects your momentum. 



"I met Will about 6 months ago through a program at my University were I was put in the role of a mentee & Will was my mentor. Someone who was struggling to find himself, and the direction in which my life was heading, I called upon Will for answers. Through the thick & the thin Will had my back. He used his five cores to really connect with me which resulted in me understanding what it really takes to be the best version of myself. I have used all that I have learned through Will in various job interviews, conversations with friends, and conversations with family. I truly believe that what Will is preaching and trying to get this world to understand, is extremely useful and can help any person become a better version of themselves, which as Will puts it so elegantly, will help the world become a better version of itself! Thank You Will!