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The system is broken. Just because you grew up in it and may have developed mostly “failure habits” in the 5 core areas of your life doesn't mean you can't replace them with "success habits."


My #1 goal in life is to create a movement of change that starts with movement itself.  I figure if I can get you moving in the right direction and become the best version of YOURself, you'll want to pay it forward to help the world become the best version of ITself.


Ultimately, it's about getting everyone moving in one positive unified direction by building moore momentum every singe day. Bye-bye fear, hatred, and prejudice diving the world.  Hello living our brightest, boldest, and most beautiful lives on our way to becoming an unstoppable force!

This all starts with one person at a time, so thank you for being part of the bigger picture to make the world a happier, friendlier, safer place to live in!

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The future of leveling up is almost here.  Soon you will see what it looks like when science and technology go on a date, have babies, and those babies become super babies that lead to you living your best life!


We all have a system we use to get us through life, but only the 5%ers develop a system to make sure they're building positive momentum every single day on their way to becoming an unstoppabble force.


Are you a 5 or 95%er? 


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